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The aim of Neuro Rehab Nutrition is to help the individual to achieve his goals rehab goals with good nutrition. Nutrition and Hydration is an essential for the body to function, to repair and adapt. Having poor nutrition can cause weight increase and comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, as well affect fatigue and mood.

At Neuro Rehab Nutrition we work with the MDT to support the client to try and make lifestyle choice through education, support, and working and training of support workers. To shopping trips, cookery, meal planning and nutritional education NRN with help to provide nutritional foundations to maximise health and rehab

Neuro Rehab Nutrition Is based out of Salford and covers the northwest of England: Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and surrounding areas: South Yorkshire and Cumbria, and North Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

What is a Dietitian?

A nutrition professional that:

  • Help to promote nutritional well-being, treat disease and prevent nutrition related problems
  • Provide practical, safe advice, based on current scientific evidence
  • holds a graduate qualification in nutrition and dietetics in the UK and regulated by law and governed by an ethical code

The Diabetic Association HCPS Registered

Tony Ward, RD MSc

Tony Ward is a Clinical Dietitian and Director of ‘Neuro Rehab Nutrition’ (NRN) specialising in brain and spinal injury clients as well as other neurological conditions. He works closely with his clients, their families, support workers and case managers. These, and others, form a multidisciplinary team to enable the client to reach their rehabilitation goals which helps that person to potentially lead a normal healthy life. He is registered in the UK with the Health Professional Council as well as in the USA with the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Tony has 15 Years’ experience working in the NHS and around the world, where he has managed teams and development departments. He has extensive experience in Neurology and head injuries, which he gained whilst working at the Salford Royal Hospital as well as the King Edward VII hospital and Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute in Bermuda where he developed a nutrition rehabilitation program. His other areas of expertise are diabetes, cardiac, gastroenterology, trauma and renal.

He has experience in working with residential and nursing homes in the UK and has spoken at the Kings Fund , Digital Health Congress about nutrition in care homes and the benefits of digitizing menus. Tony has a keen interest in sport and has gained a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science before going on to complete an Msc in nutrition and a PgD in Dietetics. He is a keen sportsman and has 3 international caps with Bermuda playing the 2015 Rugby World Cup qualifiers. He also enjoys playing golf, tennis, cross-fit, swimming, running and cycling. The list goes on.

Tony is a massive lover of food and loves to cook and develop meals. He also loves to make foods from scratch such as cold smoked salmon, biltong, kimchi and kombucha.


Client Centered

NRN considers the client first and foremost. All treatment is individually tailored to each client and their abilities while personal interactions ensure that all clients are encouraged to achieve their goals.

Continuous Learning

NRN strives to provide the best possible treatment based on up-to-date evidence and current dietetics practice. Our team is continually building on their knowledge through the evidence from our clients, the latest dietetic literature and engagement with other multi- disciplined professionals to ensure the best possible service is provided.


We are respectful of people’s different abilities, diversity and ethnic background

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We have worked with several clients over the years, making possitive impacts in peoples lives.

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